About Design Build Commercial Construction

Design Build Commercial Construction has been in the commercial, retail and general construction business for over 31 years. Working extensively in the Upper Midwest and Canada has given us the work experience we need to handle a variety of projects. Design Build is family owned business native to North Dakota. We believe in core Midwestern values are we are dedicated to leadership and dedication in our industry.

Ever evolving technology, materials and design trends are leading to more complex and visionary construction projects. At Design Build Commercial Construction, we change the way that consumers, designers and contractors collaborate to accomplish goals. Our process eliminates many of the common issues and set-backs associated with the traditional building process by offering a unified approach to the process.

We understand the complex issues faced when making decisions from building renderings to budgeting and planning. We understand construction projects can be stressful. Our four step process allows us to keep you updated while you spend your time where it’s needed- in the continued success of YOUR business.

Clearer communication is what Design Build Commercial Construction offers between designers and builders. This creates a speedy construction time line, reduces costs and a more efficiencies. The result is a high end build, completed in an economical and efficient manner.

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