From dentistry to dermatology, a clean functional office is imperative no matter what type of medicine you practice. Design Build specializes in construction and remodeling for medical offices. Whether you need commercial casework to organize supplies or custom cabinetry for personal offices, our experienced team will combine practical pieces with a professional appearance to create a warm, inviting environment to put your patients at ease. We understand you have patient obligations, and our process is designed to be as stress free as possible.

We’ll meet with you to assess the scope of the project and provide an estimate that meets your budget. During the process, we’ll keep you updated on the progress of our work every step of the way. We’ll do our best to ensure our work doesn’t interfere with yours. Once the job is complete, we’ll walk you through to show we’ve done what we designed and made sure you’re satisfied with the final product.

Our Clients are Just Like You

Whether you own the property your business is in, lease as a tenant, or provide space as a landlord, we understand how to meet your unique needs.


Our in-house design team can help you transform your rental space into an environment that fits your business.


No matter the size, we can help you create functional, flexible spaces that appeal to potential and current tenants.   


We’ll work with you to develop creative commercial spaces. You give the building its bones, we’ll bring it to life.

Office Locations

2815 West Division St.
Saint Cloud, MN 56301

315 Elton Hills Drive NW
Rochester, MN 55901